Monday, September 14, 2009


I have 3 very important announcments. Please read carefully.

1. All assignments that were not submitted as Archive files were cleared and can now be submitted correctly. If you see a blank spot in your gradebook for something you submitted, it was not submitted as an archive file and needs to be resubmitted as such. Please do so ASAP. From now on, any files not submitted as Archives will be counted as a "0" and you will need to contact me directly to ask for an opportunity to resubmit.

2. The book. I believe the content and techniques used in the book are very good for the type of modeling that we want to do. But the method in which the author teaches it is not. So, I am currenlty working on finding other resources that are teaching the same techniques but in a better way. Please stick with me as I attempt to do this. The assignments will not change so if you feel that you can continue with the book you may do so. If you have given up I will be providing alternative assignments to the ones in the book.

3. Free Models. I am changing the themes for the free model assignments. I plan on making them a little more vague so that you can have a little more freedom on your final. Look for theses changes soon.

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