Monday, August 31, 2009

File Submissions

I have begun grading and have noticed 1 major problem. The majority of you have submitted only the 3DS Max file. I will consider that my fault at the moment because I should have made it more clear. But what I would like for you to do is Archive your assignments and send that. To do this in 3DS Max 2009 just click on File > Archive, 3DS Max 2010, click File (icon at top) > Save As > Archive. It will save your file as a ".zip" and it will contain your model and ALL of your materials. I will then be able to see more than a grey shape which will probably be more enjoyable for me as I will not begin to think I am color blind. Once again I apologize for not making this clear.

I am unable to grade your previous assignments without the materials. So you will need to resubmit those file as well. If you did not submit an archive file or Render File prior to this post I will be clearing your attempt so you can submit the Archive file instead. Please CHECK YOUR GRADEBOOK. Thanks.

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